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How do you say "father" in Arabic? Yahoo Answers A sponsorship letter is written to an individual or an organization in the event of someone wanting them to sponsor their education or a cause for them. How do you say "father" in Arabic? Every translation site I've gone to has Arabic script that I can't read. I'd also like to know if there's any pet forms. The.

Father - Arabic translation - English-Arabic dictionary

Father - Arabic translation - English-Arabic dictionary The sponsorship letter must be written in a way to convince your sponsor to sponsor this cause, and clearly stating to them why it is worth sponsoring for that cause. English Father, today I'm going out with some friends. Of course, that's if you will allow it. English My father has lived in Nagoya for more than fifteen years. English Rejecting the urging of his physician father to study medicine, Hawking chose instead to concentrate on mathematics and physics.

Dad - Arabic translation - English-Arabic dictionary

Dad - Arabic translation - English-Arabic dictionary It must also elucidate the benefits the sponsor will be getting from sponsoring this event. Translation for 'dad' in the free English-Arabic dictionary and many other Arabic translations.

How to say

How to say "mom" and "dad" in Arabic? When writing a sponsorship letter to an individual, you must focus on the cause of this sponsorship, why it is worth anything to the sponsor to be sponsoring this for you and how it will be beneficial to them. In Farsi Persian we say Maadar to Mother and Pedar to father. as you may know Farsi is an indo-european language and we have many similar words with european languages, but we write Farsi with arabic alphabet. braadar = brother dar = door jangal = jungle noh=nine na = no do = two bad = bad and.

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