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Reasons for School Locker Searches Synonym (1) (a) Where any Court has reason to believe that a person to whom a summons or order under Section 91 or a requisition under sub-section (1) of Section 92 has been, or might be, addressed, will not or would not produce the document or thing as required by such summons or requisition; or(b) Where such document or thing is not known to the Court to be in the possession of any person; or(c) When the Court considers that the purposes of any inquiry, trial or other proceeding under this Code will be served by a general search or inspection, it may issue a search-warrant, and the person, to whom such warrant is directed, may search or inspect in accordance therewith and the provisions hereinafter contained.(2) The Court may, if it thinks fit, specify in the warrant the particular place or part thereof to which only the search or inspection shall extend; and the person charged with the execution of such warrant shall then search or inspect only the place or part so specified.(3) Nothing contained in this Section shall authorize any Magistrate other than a District Magistrate or Chief Judicial Magistrate to grant a warrant to search for a document, parcel or other thing in the custody of the postal or telegraph authority. There are several regulations regarding locker searches that a school must follow. According to the U. S. Department of Education, a locker may be searched if there is evidence that a school rule is being violated or that evidence is contained inside a student's locker.

Pros and Cons of School Locker Searches Synonym A search-warrant under Section 93 can be issued only in three cases:(i) Where the Court has reason to believe that the person summoned to produce a document or thing will not produce it;(ii) Where the document or thing is not known to be in the possession of any person;(iii) Where a general inspection or search is necessary. Concerns over privacy, trust and rights have made the subject of school locker searches a controversial one. Despite the controversy, though, a school policy that.

Debate School searches of student lockers - Debatepedia Search-warrant should be issued on petition using the Form No. The Magistrate may amend the warrant dispensing with the production of the articles before him. Yes. Locker searches reduce drugs and weapons in schools, which is in the interests of all students. The best way to ensure that such contraband items are found and removed is for the school authorities periodically to search a random selection of student lockers.

Essays on Locker Searches examples and samples The warrant must:(a) Be in writing, and(b) Contain all the matters that the law requires it to be stated therein. This service will be useful for Students looking for free, top-notch essay and term paper samples on various topics. Additional materials, such as the best quotations, synonyms and word definitions to make your writing easier are also offered here.

Random Locker Searches essays The Court issuing the search warrant under Section 93(1)(a) must have reason to believe that the person against whom the search warrant is issued is not likely to produce the document or thing in his possession in pursuance of a mere summons or order under Section 91 or a requisition under Section 92(1). Random Locker Searches essaysOpposing Side- Random Locker Searches The IV amendment states "The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no Warrants shall issue, but upon probable cau

Locker searches essay The Quay House The Magistrate should give reasons for exercising his discretion in granting the issue of search-warrant. Dailyamerican home page locker searches without paper examples of searches in the. Random locker, will be unavailable for homework and examples on locker uni bag. Schools essay winner compared the drugs or backpack searches called explore. Hazmat locker searches are entered and professional term paper examples.

School Searches of Students' Lockers Essay - 663 Words. The search under Section 93 must be for some specific article or thing or document and not for stolen property. Free Essay According to the National Education Association, at least 100000 students bring guns to school, 160000 students skip classes because they fear.

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